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IV Health has substantial experience in intravenous vitamin infusions and intramuscular booster injections that may help your body function at its peak.

IV Health is run by a passionate team of health practitioners with over 35yrs of industry experience combined. Our team of doctors and nurses are taking hydration to a whole new level for the people of Melbourne.

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IV Health frequently asked questions

Why Intravenous?

Only 20-30% of the vitamins we ingest either from food or supplementation get absorbed via the digestive system, the remainder 70-80% are excreted. Intravenous vitamin therapy is therefore a powerful route of administration. Not only are vitamins infused directly into the blood stream, but there is 100% vitamin absorption.

Injecting vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, means they get delivered directly to your cells where they can do their job as co-factors for a wide variety of cellular processes immediately.

Will I benefit from a Vitamin Infusion / Booster?

We are all exposed to toxins, stress factors and free radicals in everyday life from our lifestyle and environment.

Be it air pollution, poor diet, stress at work, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and even over-exercising.

Over time, these toxins and free radicals build up in your body and start to take their toll on your immune system. Symptoms that may present as a result of this are; low energy, fatigue, poor concentration, poor sleep, low mood, frequent cold/flu, allergies, gut issues and inflammation.

IV vitamins (especially the super antioxidants ie. Vitamin C and Glutathione) may help reduce these symptoms and the effect of toxins and free radicals by swiftly removing them from the blood stream to be excreted by the body.

What else are IV Vitamins good for?

Vitamin & hydration infusions may also help with:

Chronic fatigue, glandular fever, viral infections, exercise recovery, muscle soreness, dehydration, acute and chronic pain, digestive issues, hangover, tension headache/migraine and jet lag.

How does it work / the process?

Intravenous vitamin infusions, like the name suggests, are given as an intravenous fluid directly into the vein, and like all procedures / treatments, they carry risks for certain people.

Before your initial infusion, an extensive medical history is taken and you will be assessed by our Doctor to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. All potential risks and side effects, even though minimal, will also be discussed in this initial consultation.

Your vitamin infusion “script” following your initial consultation with the Doctor will last 6 months, meaning you only need to see the Doctor once every 6 months to review your treatment plan. Visits during the 6 months will be for your infusion or booster shots only.

How long does it take?

An IV vitamin infusion can take as little as 30mins and up to 80mins depending on the type of infusion.

An IM vitamin booster takes less than 1 minute to administer

How often can I have an infusion?

Every treatment plan is different and customised to you. There are no set rules for the number of infusions you can have, this will be determined by the Doctor during your initial consultation and then discussed with you to work out the best treatment plan for you based on your symptoms, lifestyle and budget.

Where can I find IV Health

IV Health is located in the reputable suburb of South Yarra, Melbourne. We are easily found, opposite The Olsen Hotel and in between the Vogue complex and The Como building. The 78 tram stops directly outside the clinic which goes to and from the city and South Yarra station is around a 5 minute walk away on Toorak Road.

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