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Experiencing brain fog or having trouble concentrating?

Aimed at patients complaining of brain fog, difficulty concentrating and fatigue based symptoms. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants used in this Vitamin infusion supports the body to remove free radicals and toxins, rehydrate if dehydrated . NAD+ is a vital ingredient in this infusion. The NAD works on mitochondrial function to improve energy production and subsequent brain function.

NAD+ is a key coenzyme that among many actions helps convert nutrients into energy at a cellular level in addition to support many cellular actions. Lifestyle factors can lead to a decreased levels of NAD+ in addition to normal ageing where NAD+ levels will decline.. Theres a reason NAP time is so prevalent in the elderly!

The brain uses about 20% of the body’s energy hence providing proper vitamins, minerals and amino acids aimed at supporting mitochondrial and cellular function can have a positive effect on brain function. Bypassing the gut via IV drip is the way we can administer these appropriate vitamins!


Vitamin C
CoQ10 Booster

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IV Health

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The IV Health Process

Schedule Your Appointment

Call our friendly reception staff or visit our website to book in for your consultation and infusion.

Step One

Consult With A Professional

Have an in-depth consultation about your needs and medical history with our experienced IV nurses , followed by a check in with one of our doctors.

Step Two

Pick The Best Infusion For You

We understand that every person is different! Depending on your goals, we can customise our infusions to suit your needs.

Step Three

Enjoy Your IV Drip

Take some time out of your busy day to sit back and relax. Expect to drip for up to one hour.

Step Four


Connect with likeminded individuals in our clinic on topics like health and wellbeing, anti-aging, bio hacking or just general chitchat on travel, life, family and more

Step Five

Come back for more!

Depending on what you are wanting to get out of your IV sessions, your IV nurse can recommend the frequency that you come in for an infusion.

Step Six